Signed Roster

Officially signed knifepunch records bands


The Give & TakeTwinkle Country

gammaGIRLIndie Punk

Cherish ThisIndie Emo

Ghost Fan ClubBedroom Emo

Ugly MascotPop Punk

Our Friends

Everyone we’ve worked with

Palm Tree SquareEmo

Moon By MoonIndie Emo

Why, Sloth, Why?Easycore

Dougie FleshFolk Punk

X Dirty FingersFolk

Sticky SteveFolk Punk

Nova Robotics InitiativeFolk Rock

Magazine Beach

Back Up Kid

Wasted Space

I Hate Homecoming

Magazine Beach

LIT. Major

Ivy Hollivana


Matthew Barton

Good Noise Podcast

Hey, Ily!


Queers To The Front


Please Be Kind

Lani Kai

Home Is Where

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