It Only Ends Once – Lose You


It Only Ends Once is the screamo project of Brendan S. of Overo

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lose you” sees Brendan S. to continue to expand the sonic palette of the Houston blackgaze project with taking a more streamlined approach than previous albums. The album is both heavier and softer, combining black metal with emotional hardcore.



  1. bury me where it snows
  2. supernova
  3. nothing left
  4. dear fire flickering in the sky
  5. not worth saving
  6. loss of light
  7. the only thing more terrifying
  8. static

all music written and performed by Brendan S.

recorded and mixed in May-July 2021 by Brendan S.

mastered by Matt Wojcik at The Warren Recording Group

cover photo taken by Brendan S.


Gray Tape // 50 (KPR Exclusive)

Black Tape // 50 (CYLS Exclusive)



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