GILT – In Windows, Through Mirrors Tape (3rd press)


In Windows, Through Mirrors re-imagines the opener and closer of Ignore What’s Missing with GILT’s former drummer, Ash, now on vocals, and brings you a brand new track in between them.

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releases November 11, 2021

Vocals: Ash Stixx
Drums (except “Long Time Coming”): Ash Stixx
Guitar: Tyler Fieldhouse
Guitar: Tilley Komorny
Drums in “Long Time Coming”: Ali Reed
Bass in “In Windows” and “Through Mirrors”: Nico Bacigalupo
Bass in “Long Time Coming”: Tyler Fieldhouse

GILT are: Ash Stixx (they/she/he), Tyler Fieldhouse (they/them), Tilley Komorny (she/her)

Vocal Tracking, Producing, Mixing: Hansel Romero
Instrumental Tracking: Lee Dyess at Earthsound Studios
Mastering: Matt Goings
Artwork Portrait: Annie Shu
Additional Visual Branding: Maja Liv Groves
Artwork Design: Tyler Fieldhouse
Logo: Crimebird

Artist Management: Maja Liv Groves (Queers to the Front)
US Press: Natalie Schaffer (Big Picture Media)
UK Press: Sarah Maynard (Major Press)
US Tape Release: Knifepunch Records
UK Tape Release + Merchandising: Hunkofplastic Records


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