Wasted Space – exsanguination Lathe Vinyl PREORDER

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We put an at-cost minimum on this, if you would like to give anything extra, 100% of profits from this goes to Wasted Space for a hopeful summer tour!

if no summer tour happens 100% of profit still goes to wasted space for future tour or merch arrangements

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these are our first full band songs. a lot of people had a hand in their creation; they are all deserving of thanks, but i can only name a few for space purposes. so thank you to jack morris, to will, to mars, to emily, to stacy (<3), to margaret, to cat, to kaitlyn, to katie, to kendal, to lucas, to jackson, to colin, to tea, to nick, to eli, to rek, to victoria, to kit, to adrian, to our families, and to cold spring evenings lost in south side. thanks to ryan long for a murderous mix and to josie lucido for a menacing master. i want to thank my bandmates most of all; thanks to jane for letting us sleep on her apartment floor and breaking us into her school studio and drumming so fuckin good, to christian for being the unhinged audio monkey we all know and love, and to mack for their wit and writing sense and shredding capability. you all mean the world to me, you make this music thing worth it, i love you all.

all the best and up the punx,
-mikey montoni via Bandcamp


released June 21, 2021

mikey montoni – bass, vocals, guitars
mack mcnerney – guitars, vocals
christian ryder – guitars
jane herring – guitars, drums, vibraphone

written by wasted space
recorded by christian ryder in the iup perc room
mixed by christian ryder and ryan long
mastered by josie lucido
cover art photographed and edited by mikey montoni


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